Together KC

Question 1: Sewer Revenue Bond Issue approve the issuing of sewer revenue bonds by Tuesday, April 5!

Question 1 asks Kansas City voters for permission for the City to issue sewer revenue bonds that will fund rehabilitating, expanding, and improving the City’s sanitary sewer system. This vote is not to issue specific wastewater revenue bonds — it allows KC Water’s Sewer utility to ask the City Council for approval to issue specific wastewater revenue bonds for specific projects totaling up to $750 million. Revenue bonds financing is the lowest-cost method of financing projects that benefit both current and future ratepayers. 

If Question 1 is passed, KC Water’s Sewer utility will identify specific projects that will be funded with up to $750 million in sewer revenue bonds and issue those bonds on a case-by-case basis with the City Council’s permission. Those projects will:

  • Rehabilitate, improve, and expand existing wastewater infrastructure 
  • Reduce the flow of wastewater into our environment 


Stronger Together.


Together, we will continue our progress as one city. Thank you for joining us and voting “yes” on April 5th to renew the Health Levy and giving the city permission to issue sewer revenue bonds.   


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