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What are Questions

1 & 2? 

Question 1 asks Kansas City voters for permission for the City to issue general obligation bonds that will fund rehabilitating and improving the City’s convention and entertainment centers. Funds will also be used to improve our community centers, pools and parks system.  Bond revenue will be used for specific projects totaling up to $175 million. Revenue bond financing is the lowest-cost method of financing projects. 

Question 2 asks Kansas City voters for permission for the City to issue general obligation bonds to fund The Housing Trust Fund, which is a fund dedicated to affordable housing. The cost of housing has risen across the nation and this fund helps our city build housing that anyone can afford. Revenue bond financing is the lowest-cost method of financing affordable housing projects. 

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Voting “YES” on Questions 1 and 2 will help keep Kansas City moving forward. Updating our aging infrastructure will make our neighborhoods stronger and improve visitor’s experiences.  Voting “YES” won’t raise our taxes, but if they fail, we will see continued deterioration of our convention and community centers.

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Will voting ‘yes’
raise my taxes?

No. Question 1 & 2 asks voters to authorize the city to issue general obligation bonds, which are not taxes. Revenue bond financing is the lowest-cost method of financing projects that benefit both current and future ratepayers. 

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What benefits does voting yes have for me?

Question 1: will improve the entertainment, convention and community centers our neighbors and visitors love. Funds will also update pools and parks which are vital assets for Kansas City.

Question 2: Kansas City’s Housing Trust Fund supports the creation of affordable housing for all. It supports Kansas City’s economy by investing in thousands of housing units thus providing a better quality of life, and increased life expectancy for all Kansas Citians.

Why are these questions being put up for a vote?

Question 1: KC has several assets that are in need of major renovations. Without this funding we are risk of losing amenities such as community swimming pools. We also lose the ability to attract conventions and conferences which provides important revenue that we can reinvest in our neighborhoods. 

Question 2: Kansas City, like most big cities across the nation, has experienced a rise in housing costs. This has create a housing crisis. Funds for the Housing Trust Fund will help our city address this critical issue. 

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What could

happen if Questions 1 and 2 don’t pass?

If Question 1 fails, we could face the inability to use many of our community and visitor facilities. This impacts our residents quality of life and threatens our ability to generate conference and convention revenue.  We could also face even greater delayed or canceled repairs to our infrastructure, leading to a greater financial burden in the future.  

If Question 2 fails, we would face even greater increased housing costs  and lower quality of life for the most vulnerable Kansas Citians. More families could lose access to quality, affordable housing which would exacerbate housing insecurity and houselessness. 

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How can
I help?

Community support across Kansas City is vitally important in this local election, where every vote counts. You can become an endorser at this link, and volunteer to take many actions to support questions 1 & 2 including writing or signing letters to the editor, contacting your friends, and amplifying our message on social media.